Being black in Poland - webinar with James Omolo

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Termin: 2020-12-18 19:00

We hereby invite you to the webinar Being black in Poland held by James Omolo on Friday, 18th of December at 19.00

The event will take place online - link to the meeting:

Meeting ID: 929 0843 7494
Passcode: 505891

Being black in Poland - during the webinar, James will disclose everyday experiences in different spheres of life of People of African Descent in Poland - a country with a predominantly white population and, until recently, limited immigration, has seen the growth in recent years of a sizeable sub-Saharan African minority. This community, though present for decades, has now become a far more visible part of Polish society – a development that has brought significant opportunities in education and employment, but also some hostility. The webinar will shed light on the bodily nature of racism, highlighting the recurrent practices, contexts and interactions which lead to exclusion and the experience of feeling different, out of place and unwelcome. 

James Omolo is the founder of Afryka Connect Foundation, an advocacy organization on Human Rights issues affecting People of African Descent, an activist, and author of two published books, and one yet to be released; Strangers at the gate: Black Poland, and Crossing the color line: Interracial marriage and biracial identity, White Supremacy. His past publications include; Chinese foreign policy in Sudan and, Poland and Africa: past, present and future. James is a United Nations Fellow 2019. He is also serving as a program director for Cosmodernity Consultants




Termin: 2020-12-18 19:00

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