Growing in the wind - Iranian film screening ONLINE

Dyskusyjny Klub Filmów Nieobecnych
Termin: 2020-08-25 19:00

The Old Town Culture House and the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran hereby invite you to the series of Iranian films screenings ONLINE:
On Tuesday 25th of August at 19.00 we will screen the film:

- drama, 2011, 81’
- director - Rahbar Ghanbari
“Growing in the Wind” tells the story of Aslan, a top student in a nomad’s winter place, who misses his chance to attend final exams due to the problems his father is dealing with. Now he has to study while leading the herds as a shepherd. But first, he is obliged to teach something of life to an older shepherd who has fallen in love with his big sister: how to be a man worthy of loving his sister.
A wonderful little film that drops into the world of Aslan and his family; a sort of “coming of age” film about illiterates who are on the move from one place to another almost all of the time.
Screening organized in cooperation with Farabi Foundation.




Okres: 2020-08-25 19:00

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