Indian festival Diwali celebration

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Termin: 2019-10-26 18:00

Let us celebrate the great Indian festival Diwali!

Diwali originated in India as a celebration of light. The word Diwali comes from “deepavali”, meaning “row of lamps.” It is traditionally celebrated by hindus, although over the years it has been incorporated into many different cultures around the world. It is known as the festival of lights because in celebration people light many small clay lamps called "diyas" around their homes to represent the victory of good over evil and to invite good luck and prosperity from the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi and the God Ganesh, who represents good luck, wealth and enlightenment.

During the celebration you will get to know the little details of Indian culture and many more traditions about Diwali.
You will also get a chance to try out some delicious Indian snacks and Mithais (sweets)
Along with lighting Diyas we will also try to bring an old Diwali Tradition of drawing Rangoli alive during our meetup.
Rangoli is a floral design which is handmade using different colored powders. You will also get a chance to draw some designs on your own.
And don’t forget about some rocking Bollywood music which will lighten the mood!!

We would love to see you in traditional Indian attires/jewelry.


Admission free.




Termin: 2019-10-26 18:00

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