Paradoxical cultural and national identity of Iranian people

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Termin: 2019-10-21 19:00

We would like to invite you to the Old Town Culture House, on 21st of October  at 19.00 for the meeting and the presentation about: 

Paradoxical cultural and national identity of Iranian people

Although the national identity of Iranian people has been always threatened and exposed to peril during the 5000 years history of the past by invading of foreign ethnicities, the unique features of cultural identity of Iranian nationals
Has been solved and flourished the culture of foreign ethnicities. For an example Iran is the only exception of all the countries that conquered by Arabs that islamized but never arabized.

In another hand recent years after 1979 revolution hardliners and extremists inside of the country and the main stream media news outside trying to demonstrate their own specific version of cultural behavior of Iranian nationals closely to their bias and their political direction.

In this presentation we are going to take a short look to the history of early civilizations of Iran plateau from the elamaite civilization as the first Iranian state till the sassanid empire the last persian empire of antiquity and extract the cultural features that defines this Iranian identity that paradoxically is on the opposite side what media and hardliners described.

Speaker- Behnam Tajfar.

Admission free.

Event takes place within the frames of Human Integration project financed by the Culture Animation Program of the Office of Culture, Warsaw Municipality.




Termin: 2019-10-21 19:00

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