Track 143 - Iranian Film Screening

Dyskusyjny Klub Filmów Nieobecnych
Termin: 2019-10-01 19:00

The Old Town Culture House and the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran hereby invite you to the series of Iranian films screening

On Tuesday 1 st of October at 19.00 we will screen the film:

Track 143
dir Narges Abyar, 94 min

Olfat is raising her children in hardship. She has one daughter and one son called Yonos who works in Kerman copper mine. One day, she finds a note at home with this massage "My friends and I are going to enter the war as soldiers". After reading this note, Olfat and his friend's parents got worried about their sons. When operation Valfajr failed, they received news about Yonos's friend. Olfat is waiting for her son too. As she finds out that the Iraqi radio announces the Iranian captives' names, she ties a radio on her back and carries it everywhere.

Admission free.




Termin: 2019-10-01 19:00

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