Pakistani evening

Edukacja międzykulturowa
Termin: 2018-03-17 16:30

The Old Town Culture House and Jasmin – Association of Friends for Intercultural Cooperation are pleased to invite you to the PAKISTANI EVENING.

Language of the meeting – English
Place: The Old Town Culture House, Rynek Starego Miasta 2
Time: 17th of March, 4.30 pm to 8 pm
Free entrance.

Pakistan is a country located in Southern Asia. Despite region being much known for its unstable situation, its also a huge cultural melting pot with rich and old traditions where majority of people manages to live quite normal life and Pakistan itself is one the most culturally diversed countries in the world.

Punjab province, located in eastern part of the country is particularly important region of Pakistan. It’s capital is Lahore – a historically cultural centre. Lahore is one of most liberal cities of Pakistan, exerting its cultural influence on the whole country. Citizens of Lahore are holding many various celebrations throughout the year in form of organizing festivals, events ect. taking particular care of traditions related to them.

Regardless of the culture, weddings are always the most important events in life. In Lahore, traditions associated with wedding receptions and marriages are especially vivid and glamorous. Newlyweds are dressed up in beautiful and colourful clothes. Brides are wearing astonishing jewellery and their bodies are decorated with henna. Official part of the wedding lasts for at least three days, but families of brides and grooms to be are starting celebrations even few months ahead.

If you want to get to know more about Pakistan, its culture and wedding traditions join us at Pakistani Evening!

Pakistan and it’s traditions will be introduced by Hina Nisar – Pakistani from Lahore, living in Poland for about 4 years and actively involved in Jasmin – Association of Friends for Intercultural Cooperation. Hina is interested in art, makes henna tattoos, decorates clothes.

Programme of event
- “Pakistan that you’re not familiar with” – presentation about Pakistan
- “How one celebrate wedding in Lahore?” – presentation about Pakistani wedding traditions
- “Henna – incredible body ornamentation” – presentation with a possibility of getting on the spot henna decorations on participants body.

Event organized in collaboration with Jasmin – Association of Friends for Intercultural Cooperation. 




Termin: 2018-03-17 16:30

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